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Concrete Slabs | Miami

a newly dry concrete foundation

If you're looking for someone to install a concrete slab for your building project, there is no one better suited for the job than we are at Waves Concrete Driveways Co. We install concrete slab almost every day, which is why you can trust that we know how to effectively install a concrete slab. We take the time to help our customers understand exactly what they can expect to receive when they allow us to perform the job of installing their concrete slab. After consulting with us, you will be in a better position to make a well-informed decision.


Receiving a Concrete Slab Price Quote

We’ll prepare you for the work that has to be done by explaining how we come to our decision about the cost of concrete slab work. We offer full transparency and offer the best quality of services possible. Here are some of the things that you will have to consider when you hear our final quote:


  • How the slab will be used
  • How thick the slab needs to be
  • The type of finish and the kind of concrete that is used
  • How challenging it will be to reach the area being worked on


If the customer wants a cheaper concrete slab, they would need to lay it on their own. However, since most people do not have experience laying concrete slabs, they often turn to us to handle it for them.


Laying Concrete Slab

If you are wondering how we lay concrete slab at Waves Concrete Driveways Co., continue reading:


  • Create timber barriers
  • Mark the area where the slab will be installed
  • Excavation of the areas that are marked
  • Layout a bed of concrete and level it
  • Begin working the concrete in the corners and edges of space being filled
  • Level the surface so that is flat on the surface
  • Wait until any visible water evaporates and then smooth the surface
  • Continue to moisten the edges of the surface to ensure that the slab is as strong as possible


You may not know it, but once the concrete is poured into a pre-formed area, it creates the slab that is then used as a foundation. It is the width and thickness of the slab that helps us determine what will be built on it. It must be strong enough for what we are building on it or else it will not withstand the weight.


Why Hire Waves Concrete Driveways Co.

If you have several companies that you have to choose from for your concrete slab work, choose the services of Waves Concrete Driveways Co. We have demonstrated that we are the best ones suited for the work that has to be done, as we have demonstrated it so many times before. As qualified, professional concrete contractors we accurately make the necessary calculations, which is essential to providing our customers with the most efficient concrete slab work. It also enables us to offer the best and most accurate quote possible. We are a dependable and trustworthy concrete company who offers you your money’s worth.

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